Air Factory Mango E-Liquid 60ML

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NIcotine: 3mg
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Air Factory Mango

Air Factory Mango | Puff N Fun Smoke Shop. Air Factory Mango e-liquid flavor captures all of the rich and juicy charm associated with succulent mango fruit, perfect for tropical environments and lush climates alike. The cool minty impacts from this extreme menthol vape juice will assist you with invigorating your vape juice range. Mint via Air Production line will give your taste buds an invigorating involvement in the crips and smooth kind of mint. On the breathe-in, the serious mint flavor gets you with a solid throat hit. When breathed out, a waiting plush and clean minty new remaining parts splash onto your taste buds, leaving you hankering for more!
Air Plant Mint arrives in a 60mL jug and is accessible in 3mg and 6mg qualities. Go get a jug of Air Plant Mint (60mL) from ProVape and invigorate your faculties and taste buds today!

Air Factory Mango | Puff N Fun Smoke Shop

Air Factory Mango E-Liquid 60mL

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